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Smart TVs, Smart Fridges, Smart Air Conditioners - Home Life New Products

Smart TV is a fully open platform equipped with an operating system, allowing customers to install and uninstall various types of application software while enjoying normal TV content, and continues to expand and upgrade the functionality of new TV products. Smart TVs can continue to bring customers a rich and personalized experience.

A smart refrigerator is a type of refrigerator that can intelligently control the refrigerator and intelligently manage the food. Specifically speaking, it is able to automatically switch refrigerators and keep foods in an optimal state. This allows users to know the amount of food in the refrigerator, information on freshness and shelf life, and provide users with healthy recipes and nutrition. Taboo reminds users of regular food supplements.

In addition to smart TVs, smart refrigerators, and smart air conditioners, more and more home appliances have entered the smart age, and they have brought more convenience, convenience and convenience to our lives.

More and more friends pay more attention to the safety of car chargers and the rapidity of charging when they purchase car chargers. Timon Car Charger is a smart car charger known for its safety and efficiency. As a smart car charger, Tianneng car charger is not only efficient and fast in terms of power supply, but more importantly, it can intelligently identify digital products, intelligently regulate current and voltage, and easily provide high-quality power for digital products such as flat panel and large-capacity mobile phones.

Smart sweeping robot - lazy essential

Intelligent sweeping robot, also called lazy sweeper, is a kind of smart home appliance that can automatically vacuum the ground. Because it can detect room size, furniture placement, ground cleanliness and other factors, and rely on built-in programs to develop a reasonable clean route, with a certain amount of intelligence, it was called a robot. At present, the degree of intelligence of sweeping robots is not as advanced as imagined, but as the leader of the new concept of smart homes, it will eventually enter the millions of households for robots and inject momentum into the future.

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