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1. Offset printing

Also known as offset printing, Offset printing is a type of lithography that restores the color, contrast, and gradation of an original document with high precision. It is the most common paper printing method. Applicable to posters, profiles, brochures, newspapers, packaging, books, magazines, calendars, and other related color prints.

2, letterpress printing

One type of letterpress printing technology is generally used in situations where there are many characters, there are few photos and pictures, there is a large chance for changes in the text, and the number of prints is small. It is suitable for printing small quantities of tasks such as invitation cards, business cards, labels, and small packaging boxes. Traditional serial number printing and small trademark overprinting are done in letterpress mode.

3, screen printing

Screen printing is a kind of printing with a wide range of uses. According to the differences in printing materials, it can be divided into: fabric printing, plastic printing, metal printing, ceramic printing, glass printing, electronic product printing, lottery silk screen printing, electric decoration advertising whiteboard silk screen printing, Metal notice white silk screen printing, stainless steel finished screen printing, light reflector screen printing, silk screen transfer aluminum, screen printing and lacquer screen printing and so on.

One of the stencil printing technologies, the printing ink is particularly thick, and it is most suitable to make special-effect printing. It is particularly suitable if the amount is small and the ink needs concentration. It can also be printed on the three-dimensional surface, such as square boxes, boxes, round bottles, cans and so on. In addition to paper, printed cloth, plastic fabrics, plywood, films, metal sheets, glass, etc. can also be printed. Common new products include banners, banners, T-shirts, corrugated cartons, soda bottles, and circuit boards. The flexibility of screen printing is unmatched by other printing methods.

4, rubber printing

A type of letterpress printing that applies only to printed plastic bags, labels, and size plastic packages. Usually the medium for the input of a rubber plate press is a package rather than a single sheet, which is cut one by one after printing. The fineness of printing dots and lines is far less than that of offset printing and letterpress printing, and it cannot be used to print book publications.

5, gravure printing

Suitable for printing high-quality and high-value prints, whether color or black and white pictures, gravure printing effects can be comparable with photographic photos. Due to the high cost of plate making and the large quantity of prints, it is also one of the less commonly used methods. Applicable to print securities, stocks, gift certificates, commercial credit certificates or stationery.

The rapid development of science and technology, today we can use computers to print directly on the media using some of the above printing methods. With the development of electrostatic imaging and laser technology, the “on-demand printing” required for high quality in small batches can be realized.

6, direct printing

Plates are printed directly on the substrate.

7. Indirect printing

The printing method of the color material of the printing plate after the rubber sheet is transferred on the printing material.

8, transfer printing

The printing method is printed on a medium and then transferred from the medium to the substrate.

9. Woodcut watermark

Also known as woodblock watermark. A traditional process that divides the drawing into several plates and then prints with a water-soluble picture pigment.

10. Lithography

Abbreviation lithograph. A lithographic direct printing process using a stone as a printing plate.

11. Milo printing

Also known as glass printing. The photosensitive layer is coated with a thick glass and exposed with a negative pattern to form different water absorption. The principle of exclusive use of oil and water printing.

12, printing plate printing

Handprint wax paper mimeograph.

13, flexographic printing

Also known as aniline printing. Erasers and soft resins are used as printing plates and printed with water-soluble colorants. The colorant originally used was an aniline type dye, so it was called benzene printing in the past.

14, copper and zinc printing

Also known as relief plate printing. A copper plate or a zinc plate is used as a printing method for printing plates.

15, resin printing

Resin, nylon, etc. are used as printing methods for printing plates.

16, paper base printing

Small lithography using paper as a plate.

17, light printing

Also known as office printing system. Use photo printing, small offset presses, and printing systems for small-size binding machines.

18, flatbed printing

Also known as sheetfed printing. Is the application of flat paper for printing.

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