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  • Published: 2018 - 02 - 06
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After a career such as simultaneous interpreting disappeared after ten years?

Date: 2018-03-28
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After a career such as simultaneous interpreting disappeared after ten years?

If jobs such as translators, reporters, security guards, sales, drivers, and housekeeping are replaced by machines, can you still find a job? With the introduction of artificial intelligence into people’s lives, the entire society’s business structure is undergoing subtle changes. According to foreign experts, 50% of current occupations will disappear by the advent of artificial intelligence by 2025. The simultaneous interpretation of the language translation work represented by representatives is the first to bear.

Li Kaifu believes that if a job originally undertaken by a person can make a corresponding decision on issues that require thinking and decision-making within five seconds, then this work will have a very large potential for artificial intelligence. All or partial replacement of technology. Based on this principle, occupations that are most likely to be partially or completely replaced include people engaged in translation, news reporting, assistants, security, sales, customer service, transactions, accounting, drivers, and housekeeping.

Nowadays, the speed of development of artificial intelligence is unimaginable. It has gradually replaced general labor and has begun to advance into high-end occupations such as translation and even simultaneous interpretation. Recently, Tencent's voice translation application translation translator launched the “simultaneous interpretation” function after the release of the update, which made it convenient for many users who have language translation needs in travel, work, and life, but also gave this career Brought a little sense of urgency.

In fact, before the "Simultaneous Interpretation" of the translator was not on the line, many overseas travel parties have become accustomed to communicating with foreigners or translating foreign language information such as menus and signposts through the translator's online voice translation function. The on-line "simultaneous interpretation" makes the translation more efficient and the application scene more extensive. In addition to tourism, people engaged in external work can also use the “Simultaneous interpretation” function of the translator to communicate with foreign customers or conference calls. It can be seen that, with the continuous improvement of artificial intelligence-related technologies, it is not surprising that translation work such as simultaneous interpretation is threatened.

According to a report published by Citibank in cooperation with Oxford University, it is predicted that 47% of jobs in the United States may be replaced by robots. In UK, this proportion is 35%, and in China, it is 77%. Will we all become unemployed in the future? Work opportunities such as interpreting, news, sales, and accounting are greatly reduced. How will students choose a major?

In fact, things are not as pessimistic as imagined. The ability of human thinking and innovation cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence will also generate many new occupations.

In 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other departments jointly issued the "Internet + Artificial Intelligence Three-year Action Implementation Plan." It is planned that by 2018, an artificial intelligence basic resource and innovation platform will be established, and an artificial intelligence industry system will be basically established. Innovating the service system, etc., nurturing some of the world's leading artificial intelligence companies, and forming a scale of 100 billion AI market applications.

In the future, the related industries, technologies and services with the core of the artificial intelligence industry will become the most popular “golden career” in China and even in the world. Only the opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. Instead of worrying, it is better to update ideas to gain new knowledge and face a new life in an artificial intelligence environment.

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