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  • Published: 2018 - 02 - 06
    My company mainly produces various types of lamps1. Street lights: Road lights are mainly used for nighttime lighting.2. Solar street light: Solar street light uses sunlight as energy source, battery storage energy, LED light source, and charge during the day to use at night.3. Yard lights: Yard lights or shades are mostly installed upwards. Most of the lamps and lighthouses are installed on courts and yards; they are especially suitable for parks, street gardens, hotels and industrial and mining enterprises, institutions, schools and other places.4. Buried lights: buried lamp body is made of ...
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Automatic translation cannot replace foreign language learning

Date: 2018-03-28
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Journal of the Chinese Social Science Agency for Foreign Media A report published in the August issue of Japan’s “Central Public Theory” magazine interviewed Sumita Eichiro, a leading figure in the field of automatic translation in Japan and a special researcher of the National Institute of Information and Communications Research (NICT). : Will an era that does not learn English and no problem come? 》(Automatically flipping through the future: English is a powerful era?).

Putian said that as of now, automatic translation has gone through roughly three generations, namely rule-based machine translation (RBMT) some 60 years ago, statistical machine translation (SMT) developed since 1988, and neural translation that began five years ago. Current neural translation combines big data and deep learning and is typical of artificial intelligence. However, there is a great disadvantage of neural translation, which is to translate a part of the original text content.

Putian predicts that the concept of the so-called lingua franca like English will be increasingly diluted in the future because it has the unparalleled advantage of multilingual translation. For example, using automatic translation, Asians do not need to use English to talk.

Automatic translation cannot replace foreign language learning

Regarding the current status of Japanese learning English from elementary school, Putian said that although from the perspective of automatic translation technology, the future may not be necessary to continue this way, from the perspective of foreign culture education, learning foreign languages is still necessary.

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