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Panshan Mountain

Date: 2018-01-10
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The main peak of Panshan Mountain hangs at an altitude of 864.4 meters above sea level; the main peak of Baxian Mountain is 1046.8 meters above sea level, which is the highest peak in Tianjin.

Panshan is located 12 kilometers west of Jing County, Tianjin, 110 kilometers south of Tianjin City, 100 kilometers east of Tangshan City, and 90 kilometers west of Beijing. It is like a dragon, which lingers in Jingdong and Jinbei. Qianlong Yushu: “Lian Taihang, Gongshen Jing, put the stone out of the distance, walk away from the wilderness, pillow the Great Wall, and cover the state of Chuzhou, and admire the heavy gongs, such as the Stars Gongbei and dare to fight with those who are not.” Panshan scenery varies from season to season, and whenever the spring and summer seasons are over, the mountains and flowers will be ruined. After the summer rain, the layers were dyed in blue and green, and the sky was blue. At the beginning of autumn in autumn, all the fruits are fragrant and the leaves are all over the mountains. Winter, white snow, green pine. The mountains are majestic and majestic. The main peak is at an altitude of 864.4 meters. It is surrounded by purple covered peaks, followed by the peaks of the mountains, Jiuhua Peak in the east, Xifengwujian peaks in the east, and Wufeng clusters and rugged rock formations. Due to rock formations, odd pines, and clear spring waters, they naturally formed a three-set victory. "On the pine plate Qi." Panshan Pine grows in the crevices of the rock. “The most famous place in the world is Huangshan Pine. However, the only person who was born in the precipice is the state of magical change. It is not like the pine of the mountain.”; “Middle rock strange”. The unpredictable and strange stones in the mountains and plains are dotted, dotted with eight rocks, such as patio stones, rock shake stones, and suspended stones. "The cold water flows in the lower part of the city and it is heard in the past." Whenever the summer and autumn season, there is plenty of rain, hundreds of springs rush, and waterfalls vacate. The stream is loud and spectacular. The Panshan Scenic Area Administration invested a large sum of money to reorganize and improve the wonders of Xishui Shuisheng, and built and opened the Panshan Yunsong Passenger Ropeway on the basis of the Panshan Passenger Ropeway, enabling visitors to reach the peak of the Panshan Mountain to “hang the moon peak”. In the scenic area, a series of special tourism activities were also introduced. Among them, the large-scale ancient costume Qianlong Youpanshan performance recreated the grand occasion of the Qianlong Mountain.

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