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chrysanthemum tea (for beautifying)

Date: 2018-01-10
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1. Chrysanthemum tea can clear away heat and relieve heat. Chrysanthemum tea is the best medicine for reducing the risk of fire, such as acne, throat inflammation, exogenous wind-heat, headache, and mouth ulcers caused by dry and irritated fire, as long as the proper amount of drinking chrysanthemum tea can effectively achieve the effect of fire-fighting. .

2. Prevent eye fatigue. You can usually drink a cup of chrysanthemum tea to drink, can make the symptoms of eye fatigue subside, if you drink three to four cups of chrysanthemum tea every day, it will also help restore vision.

3 eyesight repose. Drinking chrysanthemum tea in daily life can not only improve eyesight, but also can play a role in rejuvenation. For office workers who work overtime and stay up late, they may need to drink more, which is definitely beneficial.

4. Anti-inflammatory bacteria. Drinking chrysanthemum tea can help the body fight multiple viruses and bacteria, and it can achieve very good inhibition.

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